Good Times Villa

2 Floor Villa. Till 4 pax.

2 bedrooms. 1 Living room. AC. Bathtub. Fridge.

GOOD TIMES is two floor house just renovated and refurnished. This modern accommodation is designed to provide till 4 guests, but recommended for 2. It provides a comfortable home while you make the most of the iconic Uluwatu.

The house has upstairs a big bedroom with 2x2metres bed. The bedroom enjoys two terraces, one facing the pool area and the other the backyard. Downstairs you will enjoy a living room full of natural light with a modern sofa, green plants, a big fridge and nice view to the pool. All front side is a big window that can be fully open. Bathroom has been built with all facilities, including 2 bathroom sinks and a big bathtub for those who need an extra.

Of course we have hot water and AC in the bedroom and the living room.